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Healthcare Virtual Credit Card

Healthcare virtual credit cards provide an easy and immediate solution to simplify payments and turn a traditional cost center into an additional revenue stream. The solution brings supplier payments on a single automated platform.

The CommerceHealthcare® AP Card enables health systems, hospitals and physician practices to leverage automated, electronic payments and earn revenue through a virtual credit card. This flexible payment management program works with your existing accounting system while also creating a new revenue stream and reducing operating costs. By converting paper-based payments, like checks, to virtual card payments, healthcare providers gain operational efficiencies, detailed reporting, and reduced expenses.

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Peer Reviewed by HFMA®

HFMA has awarded CommerceHealthcare® AP Card its distinguished “Peer Reviewed” designation. The recognition followed a rigorous review by the association. AP Card received high marks from healthcare providers for both automation and versatility. By converting paper-based payments to virtual card payments, AP Card enables providers to gain operational efficiencies and reduce expenses, while earning revenue share.
"One of the more tangible benefits of working with Commerce is earning monthly revenue share by replacing paper checks with electronic card payments." Chief Financial Officer
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Simplify supplier payments, generate revenue

Whether paying a supplier on a regular schedule or accommodating one-time payments and point-of-sale purchases, a healthcare virtual credit card is versatile enough to meet your suppliers’ payment needs and maximize volume and value. The CommerceHealthcare® AP Card also provides reporting and management tools to make it easier to manage budget, cash flow and spending.

Benefits of virtual credit cards

  • Work with all ERP systems (including Oracle® E-Business, Infor®, Peoplesoft®, SAP®, etc.).

  • Improve cash flow.

  • Reduce costs by eliminating paper checks and escheatment.

  • Minimize fraud risks.

  • Generate monthly revenue share.

  • Analytics on payment types and comparison to national benchmarks.

  • Extensive supplier network built over the last 15 years.

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Maximize your supplier payment program

Your organization’s suppliers change daily. To maximize efficiency, you need a payment program that can keep up. The CommerceHealthcare® AP Card leverages an advanced enrollment strategy and payment options. Many of your suppliers may already be enrolled in the program. For those that are not, our team will work directly with the supplier to enroll them. The team will also cover any supplier changes by providing continuous surveillance throughout the program.
"Customer service from Commerce has been great. They required almost no work from us to set up our AP program. It’s been a roaring success." Accounting manager

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