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Patient Satisfaction

Positively influencing patient satisfaction requires healthcare providers to focus on three critical areas: preservice, clinical care and post service. CommerceHealthcare® has developed financial solutions which can address all three, so your patients are satisfied with their payment experience wherever they are in the continuum of care. Our revenue cycle and billing technology can make it easier to collect patient payments and create opportunities for your organization to improve patient satisfaction.

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Patient Financing Program

Make an immediate impact on patient satisfaction by improving the patient payment experience. Health Services Financing (HSF®) is a lending program option designed to help patients manage medical expenses through simple enrollment and low monthly payments.

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Improving Operational Efficiency

In a recent survey by the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), 60% of CEOs listed increasing operational costs as their greatest challenge. Mergers and acquisitions, technology integration, and lack of automation are just a few of the factors negatively impacting an organization’s operational efficiency. CommerceHealthcare® combines technology and service to help pinpoint your organization’s specific opportunities for operational efficiency.

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Supplier Payment Program

CommerceHealthcare® Payment Hub is a service that incorporates technology and automation to improve operational efficiency. It can help your organization reduce labor costs, generate alternative revenue streams and access better payment data for business insight and decision-making.

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Reducing Days in Accounts Receivable

Collecting and reconciling payments and remittances is becoming more complicated for providers. By applying the latest banking technologies to healthcare, CommerceHealthcare® delivers solutions your organization can leverage to quickly and accurately reconcile and post payments.

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Healthcare Remittance Services

Put technology to work for your organization. RemitConnect® utilizes automation to reduce days in AR by eliminating manual posting processes and delivering faster access to receivables.

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Managing Patient Payments

Patients are now paying a larger percentage of healthcare costs than ever before. With cost of care expected to continue to increase, collecting patient payments is undoubtedly one of the biggest financial challenges facing healthcare providers. Price transparency and simplifying the billing process garner most of the industry attention, but these options don’t immediately solve the primary issue. CommerceHealthcare® can help your organization ease the financial burden on your patients, making high medical bills more manageable.