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Healthcare Cybersecurity Challenges and Strategies

Best practices to help mitigate the ever more frequent and costly data breaches in the healthcare industry.


Solution Perspective: Pre-Service Financing

Cost estimates, financing options, and upfront payments are becoming more common in healthcare. This article explores how pre-service financing is helping providers navigate this new environment.


Solution Perspective: Efficient Patient Financing Enrollment

This article explains challenges around patient financing programs and why patient enrollment is critical to success.


A Fresh Look at Recourse Financing: Strategy to Reduce Bad Debt

Recourse patient loans are a time-tested model and an essential component of a dynamic financing toolkit. However, healthcare providers tend to view these programs through a single lens. This article explores the many benefits of recourse programs.


Managing Payments Across Multiple Constituencies

This report takes a timely look at key issues, coefficients of change and available solutions in the payments arena.


Healthcare Finance Trends for 2024 – Progress, but Major Challenges Ahead

While 2024 should see continuation of the positive momentum, significant headwinds remain on the path to further improvement, growth and innovation. Most leaders are adopting a cautious stance.