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Healthcare Finance Trends for 2023: Multiple Intersecting Challenges

Healthcare Finance Trends for 2023 explores eight themes identified by CommerceHealthcare® ranging across four areas.


Three Primary Healthcare Finance Trends for 2023 – A First Look

For 2023, Trends kicks off with this First Look report, examining three dominant themes.


Workforce Management in Healthcare: Today and What's Next

The work environment at hospitals and health systems has shifted to workforce management, staff recruiting, retention and engagement. This roundtable highlights four key takeaways in the current workforce landscape.


How to Promote Use of Patient Financing

This survey explores the current status of patient financing programs and recommendations to expand their uptake for improved patient financial experience.


Improving the Patient Financial Experience Amid Competing Priorities

This report explores current roadblocks to financial experience improvement and proposes four strategies to maintain progress.


Automating the Business of Healthcare for Patients and Providers

Learn about the prominent trends in patient payments and what those trends mean for the future in this podcast.