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Best Practices: Is Your Hospital's Accounts Payable Program Still Working for You?

Is your accounts payable program stale? Is it underperforming? With margins shrinking for many providers, the time is right to adopt new best practices for your AP program.


Offering long-term payment plans to meet the financial needs of patients

Patient payment plans are an important tool for healthcare providers. This article explains how these programs are helping patients and providers.


How to Convince Suppliers to Accept Virtual Card Payments

A virtual card payment program can help healthcare organizations reduce costs while building strong supplier relationships. This article explores how providers can convince vendors to accept virtual card payments.


5 Best Practices for Using Virtual Credit Cards

The role an AP department can play in an organization's strategic growth is often overlooked. For example, an AP card, or virtual card, can automate process while capturing costs savings and generating revenue. Here are 5 best practices that contribute to a successful virtual card program.


A Comprehensive Remittance Platform: Why It’s Essential

This article explores current trends and challenges in remittance processing and details the benefits of a comprehensive platform, including improved management, cost savings and operational efficiency.


Health Services Financing helps providers offer all patients a touchless financing program

Health Services Financing is a touchless payment program that enables providers to address patient access to care and the rising healthcare costs.