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Offering long-term payment plans to meet the financial needs of patients

Patient payment plans are an important tool for healthcare providers. This article explains how these programs are helping patients and providers.


Prevent COVID-19 From Causing a Cash-Flow Crisis

How can healthcare providers prevent a public health crisis from causing a cash-flow crisis? This eBook focuses on modern revenue- cycle improvement options to improve processes with limited budgets and staff.


Meeting Patients at Their Point of Need

Access to affordable care is a formidable concern as patients shoulder increasing levels of the cost of care. This eBook focuses on strategies health systems, hospitals and physician practices can use to meet patients’ financial needs.


Are your financial and payment partners helping you guard against fraud?

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are on the rise according to the 2019 Association for Financial Professionals Report. 11 tips to help mitigate fraud.


A Comprehensive Remittance Platform: Why It’s Essential

This article explores current trends and challenges in remittance processing and details the benefits of a comprehensive platform, including improved management, cost savings and operational efficiency.


Supplier Payments During a Crisis Webinar

This webinar examines supplier payment strategies and best practices that leading healthcare organizations are utilizing to successfully respond to COVID-19.