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Transforming the healthcare financial experience

The healthcare industry is going through significant financial transformation. Healthcare providers are increasingly having to play the role of a bank by financing the cost of healthcare. CommerceHealthcare® wants to get providers out of the business of banking and put the focus back on the patient experience. We believe banking can play a bigger role in achieving this goal. From receivables and disbursements management to patient financing and lending solutions, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare financial experience for providers, payers and patients.

CommerceHealthcare® 2021 Snapshot

2021 CommerceHealthcare data points - number of clients, states and patient loans

Award Winning Solutions

CommerceHealthcare® is driven by a commitment to create a better payment experience for both patients and providers. We are proud to earn the "Peer Reviewed by HFMA®" designation for the Health Services Financing (HSF®), RemitConnect® and AP Card solutions.

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Empowering Providers

To deliver the best patient experience, healthcare finance leaders need a strategically-minded partner who can deliver financial results, not promises. Our ROI-based solutions can help your organization find cost savings, create new revenue streams, improve cash flow, and leverage new technology in everyday processes.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a better financial experience for both healthcare providers and patients. As the preferred provider of healthcare financial services, we will continue to build long-term relationships with health systems, hospitals and physician practices. Our focus will remain on offering innovative solutions with superior service and support.

Bringing Healthcare Finance and Banking Together

CommerceHealthcare® is applying proven banking technology and best practices to healthcare. Our team consists of highly-experienced healthcare finance and banking professionals. Their goal is to collaborate with you, serving as a strategic advisor to deliver customized healthcare financial solutions that meet the specific needs of your organization and patients.

As a division of Commerce Bank®, CommerceHealthcare® brings innovative healthcare finance solutions and services leveraging the security and infrastructure of a bank with more than 150 years of experience. Commerce Bank® invests in ideas, programs and technology that are designed specifically for healthcare providers, deliver better patient experiences, and help finance leaders tackle the complex challenges facing their organizations.

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"It's our responsibility to hire the best bank for the job. Period. The fact that we choose Commerce so often is a testament to their across-the-board excellence." - Chief Investment Officer

CommerceHealthcare® in the News

CommerceHealthcare® is making headlines by supporting healthcare providers across the country through dynamic financial programs.

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