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4 Financial Trends Shaping Healthcare in 2021

This infographic by CommerceHealthcare® highlights 4 financial trends expected to impact healthcare in 2021.


Healthcare finance leaders emphasize efficiency and consider partnerships in response to ongoing trends

Finance executives with hospitals and health systems are looking at a variety of strategies to bolster performance amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Gold Standard of Remittance Automation

This article examines barriers to remittance automation, defines the essential characteristics of automation and describes how Commerce can help meet these challenges.


2021 Healthcare Financial Trends

The coronavirus cast a long shadow over 2020 and triggered fundamental shifts in healthcare. The 2021 Healthcare Finance Trends examines eleven high-impact trends expected in the year ahead.


Webinar: Offering Long-Term Payment Plans to Meet Patient Financial Needs

In this webinar, you will learn how healthcare providers are leveraging payment plans to accommodate patient financial needs.


Uncovering Alternative Revenue Streams in Your Supplier Payment Processes

This webinar examines how finance leaders are uncovering alternative revenue streams by optimizing supplier payment processes, improving back office and accounting efficiencies, and minimizing payment errors and overpayments.