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Solution Perspective: Overcoming Remote Workforce Challenges in Patient Financing

This article examines how a patient financing programs, backed by a strong bank, can help mitigate the risk of a remote workforce while improving patient collections and cash flow.


Solution Perspective: Why Program Management is Key to Patient Financing Expansion

There are many barriers healthcare providers face when operating a patient financing program. This article examines why strong program management is important.


Meeting Patients at Their Point of Need

Access to affordable care is a formidable concern as patients shoulder increasing levels of the cost of care. This eBook focuses on strategies health systems, hospitals and physician practices can use to meet patients’ financial needs.


2020 Healthcare Financial Trends

Healthcare financial trends will have a big impact on the healthcare industry in 2020. This eBook examines nine 2020 healthcare trends critical for healthcare leaders.


2 tools to help providers optimize patient payment plans and boost collections

Healthcare organizations can work toward a more efficient patient payment process by analyzing the cost of payment plans.


Healthcare Finance Trends 2019 ebook

The 2019 Healthcare Financial Trends Report, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies six themes critical for healthcare finance leaders.