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A commitment to compassion.

Fitzgibbon Hospital | Marshall, Missouri
Fitzgibbon Hospital leverages back-end remittance automation to help improve patient payments and employee engagement.

Based in the city of Marshall, Missouri is a community health system that places quality, compassionate care above all else. Fitzgibbon Hospital fosters a culture of compassion, and they know the value of a personal touch.

Fitzgibbon recognized that same commitment to personal attention in CommerceHealthcare®, and the relationship between the two has been growing steadily over the past several years. Today, Fitzgibbon looks to Commerce for payments solutions that include Treasury Services, Purchasing Cards and, most recently, RemitConnect®, an electronic platform that addresses back-end remittance automation. 

These payment solutions, particularly RemitConnect®, provide efficiencies that have enhanced Fitzgibbon’s ability to administer a higher level of patient care. “Before RemitConnect®, we were only automating about 20% of our remittances. Now, we’re at 80% and growing. The solution saves us time every day,” shared Revenue Cycle Manager Lori Benedick. “It has noticeably boosted employee engagement and allows us to answer patients’ payment questions immediately. It’s very easy and user-friendly.”
"I can’t say enough great things about their commitment and the way they go above and beyond." - Angy Littrell, CFO, Fitzgibbon Hospital
When asked why she chooses CommerceHealthcare® time and time again, CFO Angy Littrell answered, “Because they deliver what they say they’ll deliver. They don’t just sell us something and walk away. They are attentive and very focused on our relationship.”

That focus from Commerce was highlighted during the implementation of a new practice management solution (PMS) from a well-known supplier in the healthcare industry. Commerce communicated directly with the PMS implementation team on multiple occasions to ensure their solution would work seamlessly for Fitzgibbon: “They knew all the right questions to ask. Things we didn’t know to ask and were beyond our expertise.” Commerce’s willingness to facilitate those conversations significantly sped up the implementation and ensured that all of Fitzgibbon’s internal systems work harmoniously. 

Littrell recommends CommerceHealthcare® to other hospitals that are looking for more than a vendor. “Hospitals and other organizations need to become more efficient. The way to do that is by embracing technology, but it’s hard to embrace it if you don’t understand it,” she says. “Commerce brought that extra piece."