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Client Stories

Olmsted Medical Center: Generating new revenue with the CommerceHealthcare® AP Card

CommerceHealthcare® AP Card has added value to Olmsted Medical Center's administrative processes.

Client Stories

Lake Region Healthcare: Helping more patients with the right financing program.

Patient financing was identified as a particular stress point for many patients, who struggled to meet their financial obligations. Lake Region Healthcare founds its solution in Health Services Financing.

Client Stories

Improving Patient Financing at Bryan Health System

Bryan Health System improves their patient financing by providing personalized options to meet patients where they are financially.

Client Stories

Taking Reasonable Risks to Promote Long-Term Growth

Facing significant financial challenges in launching their practice and then navigating a response to the pandemic, Priority Care Pediatrics turned to Commerce for assistance.

Client Stories

Streamlining Accounts Payable Operations and Generating Revenue at Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Cookeville Regional Medical Center streamlines its accounts payable operations while generating additional revenue.

Client Stories

Prepaid Expense Cards a Win-win Solution for Burrell Behavioral Health.

Burrell Behavioral Health saves times and money, while reducing risks through prepaid expense cards.