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Simplifying Supplier Payments

Healthcare accounts payable and payment management are under scrutiny as the industry faces increasing financial pressure to manage costs and deliver high-level patient care. Automating your supplier payments with CommerceHealthcare® can add additional revenue opportunities, ensuring your organization isn’t leaving money on the table. Our healthcare accounts payable solutions can work with your existing ERP and accounting system.

Our accounts payable solutions can help your organization:

  • Build a successful and sustainable payment program each month, our team will work directly with your suppliers for enrollment

  • Deliver better payment experience – suppliers choose preferred electronic payment method

  • Generate monthly revenue share, with no disruption to current banking relationship

  • Complement existing programs – focused surveillance approach combined with a wider enrollment strategy can create additional revenue opportunities while reducing expenses

  • Improve cash flow - extending days payable outstanding while managing days cash on hand

  • Reduce costs – eliminating paper checks and escheatment

  • Gain greater insight into payment trends – provide analytics on your payment types and compare to national benchmarks

  • Minimize fraud risks

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Virtual Card Payment Program

CommerceHealthcare® AP Card is an automated, electronic supplier payment management program that can generate additional profit for your organization. There is no cost for implementation and it doesn’t disrupt your current banking relationships.

Learn more about CommerceHealthcare® AP Card

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Supplier Payment Program

CommerceHealthcare® Payment Hub is an automated platform that can optimize your organization’s supplier payments across all enterprise applications, payment types and banks.

Learn more about Payment Hub

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Patient Refund Services

PreferPay®, by CommerceHealthcare®, makes patient refunds quick and simple for you and your patients. The program can reduce administrative burdens and costs, while providing your patients faster access to refunds.

Learn more about PreferPay®

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Recognized for Value and Service

HFMA has recognized CommerceHealthcare® for outstanding accounts payable value and service. CommerceHealthcare® AP Card earned the “Peer Reviewed by HFMA®” designation.

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