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Six Opportunities to Grow Revenue

While cost containment is a common strategy for providers, many are now shifting focus to opportunities in the payables cycle. This report examines six ways to grow revenue and enhance cash flow through AP automation.


Four Themes at the 2019 HFMA Annual Conference

The HFMA Annual Meeting is a premier forum for idea exchange on the finance challenges and trends shaping the industry. This brief provides an overview of four key themes spotlighted throughout this year's annual meeting.


Take Control of Your Payments: Taming Remittance Complexity

Taking control of payments through automation is crucial for healthcare providers. This article examines four trends driving payment and remittance complexity.


Selecting the Right Healthcare Financial Partner

The Selecting the Right Healthcare Financial Partner eBook, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies five attributes critical when selecting a financial firm.


Healthcare Finance Trends 2019 ebook

The 2019 Healthcare Financial Trends Report, by CommerceHealthcare®, identifies six themes critical for healthcare finance leaders.


Utilizing Innovation to Improve the Patient Experience.

The Becker's Health IT + Revenue Cycle Conference, sponsored by CommerceHealthcare®, delivered insight and innovation into patient experience.