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A Better Approach to Healthcare Payments and Financing

Healthcare providers are under immense financial pressure as reimbursements fluctuate, patient out-of-pocket costs rise, and operating margins compress. As a result, health systems, hospitals and physician practices are increasingly assuming the role of a bank, financing the cost of healthcare. CommerceHealthcare® wants to help your organization get out of the business of banking and back to focusing on the patient experience. Backed by a team of dedicated healthcare finance professionals, our portfolio of revenue cycle, payment and banking solutions are designed to reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies and foster greater patient loyalty.

Healthcare Receivables Management Solutions

Healthcare reconciliation and posting technologies continue to evolve, improving the efficiency and cost effectiveness of back-office processes. With these rapid advancements, it is important to evaluate your organization’s current processes and leverage new industry best practices. Our receivables management solutions can help by automating healthcare posting and payment reconciliation. Your organization can leverage automation to avoid the complexities caused by manual processes, disparate systems and varying forms of payments. These solutions compliment your existing revenue cycle system without the burden of a lengthy implementation.

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Healthcare Remittance Services

RemitConnect® can automate your remittance and payment reconciliation process, reducing time spent on manual postings and delivering faster access to receivables.

Learn more about RemitConnect®

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Healthcare Lockbox Services

The CommerceHealthcare® Lockbox service is an efficient and cost-effective payment collection and deposit process designed specifically for healthcare providers.

Learn more about Lockbox Services

Patient Lending Solutions

As patients take on more responsibility for the cost of care, offering a simple long-term lending option is essential to patient satisfaction. CommerceHealthcare® patient financing solutions, backed by Commerce Bank, provide the security and scalability of a bank with minimal implementation. Simple enrollment processes improve the financial experience for your patients, ease the burden on your staff and is an important strategy for reducing bad debt.

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Health Services Financing (HSF®)

Health Services Financing (HSF®) is a patient lending program that enables your organization to build patient loyalty by offering patients a simple and affordable way to pay medical expenses.

Learn more about patient financing with HSF®

Healthcare Accounts Payable Solutions

Healthcare providers are leveraging automated, electronic payments to change the way they manage supplier payments. This new approach can transform your AP department by reducing costs, delivering operating efficiencies and creating a new profit stream. Additionally, these solutions can complement existing ERP and payment programs, adding additional revenue opportunities and ensuring your organization isn’t leaving money on the table.

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Virtual Card Payment Program

CommerceHealthcare® AP Card is an automated, electronic supplier payment management program that can generate additional profit for your organization. There is no cost for implementation and it doesn’t disrupt your current banking relationships.

Learn more about CommerceHealthcare® AP Card

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Supplier Payment Program

CommerceHealthcare® Payment Hub is an automated platform that can optimize your organization’s supplier payments across all enterprise applications, payment types and banks.

Learn more about Payment Hub

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Patient Refund Services

PreferPay®, by CommerceHealthcare®, makes patient refunds quick and simple for you and your patients. The program can reduce administrative burdens and costs, while providing your patients faster access to refunds.

Learn more about PreferPay®

Healthcare Banking

In the increasingly competitive healthcare industry, it is critical your organization leverages all available financial opportunities. Managing the financial complexities of healthcare isn’t easy, but CommerceHealthcare® can help. As an industry leader in healthcare banking, we can identify additional opportunities to ease the financial pressure on your organization. Backed by Commerce Bank, we have a dedicated team who specialize in lending, treasury management, capital markets and investment management solutions, designed for healthcare providers.

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Healthcare Banking Services

CommerceHealthcare® provides innovative lending and treasury management solutions for the healthcare industry. Whether you need assistance with a new capital investment, a line of credit, or investment services, we have you covered.

Learn more about our healthcare banking solutions

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Superior Solutions and Service

HFMA awards CommerceHealthcare® Health Services Financing (HSF®), RemitConnect® and AP Card solutions the “Peer Reviewed by HFMA®” designation. The award recognizes the superior value and service these solutions deliver both patients and providers.

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