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Supplier Payments During a Crisis Webinar

Best Practices & Strategies from Leading Healthcare Providers

The healthcare industry is facing unprecedented financial challenges in response to the coronavirus pandemic. We sympathize with healthcare leaders who must manage through this complex and multifaceted financial situation. In this CommerceHealthcare® webinar, we examine supplier payment strategies and best practices that leading healthcare organizations are utilizing to successfully respond to COVID-19.

Image from the Zoom webinar recording on Supplier Payments

To request access to the webinar recording, click here.


  • Vince Schmitz, Former SVP/CFO
  • Jason Turner, National Solution Consulting Manager
  • Joel Reddington, Healthcare Specialty Division Manager

This webinar will discuss:

  • Minimizing the impact of revenue loss as a result of COVID-19.
  • Enabling providers to transition towards a more flexible workflow and workforce with technology.
  • Reducing paper processes to improve back office and accounting efficiencies, but also foster a safer environment for patients and staff.
  • Steps healthcare leaders can take today to help prepare their organizations for future disruptions to supplier payment operations.

To request access to the webinar recording, click here.